December YOTA Month 2021


YOTA Month 2021 event participation in the Americas

For QSL and award information, go to

The awards and QSL program for this special event is sponsored by IARU Region 1 YOTA (Europe/Africa/Middle East).  They are sponsoring an award for working YOTA stations  all around the world.

In the USA:

K8T, and

To see the spots on DX Summit of all YOTA stations, click here.  Stations will have the callsign suffix YOTA, except for the USA stations.

The entire month of December several youth operators will become active with YOTA as suffix in the callsign. The idea for this is to show the amateur radio hobby to youth and to encourage youth to be active on the ham radio waves.

Give a demonstration in a school or local club, gather together with your friends, grab a pizza and make some QSOs or enjoy a great pile-up. Let us all show this great hobby to the world!

Feel free to make a QSO with the youth ops, they are happy to get some attention and exchange information. Licensed and unlicensed youth will be making QSOs, so be aware this could be their first radio contact ever and give them a chance to experience a possible new hobby.

These are a few of the many stations participating in this initiative.

More info on

These callsigns will be used by multiple youth operators of various ages across the United States during YOTA Month 2021. Operators will use their home stations and remotes. They will be active on CW, SSB, digital on most HF bands and possibly satellites. All of these operators are under 26 years old. We plan on rotating the callsigns throughout the month.

QSL Policy

Again this year, we are ONLY sending QSL cards if you request them via the Clublog OQRS system!

OQRS supports:

  • QSL via Bureau: This request is FREE of charge!
  • QSL Direct: 3 USD
  • QSL Direct (more than 5 cards: please email us for a custom postage price.)

Due to the huge amount of QSO's that are being made throughout this event, receiving QSL is hard to handle.

You do not need to send us your QSL card.  Received cards will NOT be answered. If you want our QSL card, you can request it via OQRS using the link above.


If you are an SWL and want to receive your QSL card(s) feel free to fill in this form.  The DYM Team will crosscheck the QSO(s) with the database to verify the received contacts.

  • After the checking process cards will be sent via Bureau automatically. Disclaimer: To receive QSL Card(s) via Bureau you have to be a member of a Bureau!
  • Though, if you want to receive it via Direct please get in contact with us at


Awards can be claimed on this page and are completely free.

Manager: HA8RT

Available awards:

  • Bronze: achieved 15 award points
  • Silver: achieved 35 award points
  • Gold: achieved 65 award points
  • Platinum: achieved 105 award points

SWL and Plaque Info

The December YOTA Month team is pleased to announce a few things:

We are able to provide awards for ham radio operators as well as SWLs from now on.
While nothing has changed for the on air contacts between YOTA special event stations and radio operators, SWLs can log their heard QSOs directly on our event website. SWLs have to register themselves on our website to be able to obtain their awards. If you don’t have an official SWL callsign yet – no worries! You can also use your nickname to obtain the awards in bronze, silver, gold and platinum.

Furthermore, SWLs can request QSL cards on our website soon as well. You will have to enter the heard QSO data to a form and we will be happy to provide you a card as requested.
To get the requested card(s) you have to have your own SWL callsign and be a member of a national society and its QSL service, though.

Moreover, we are offering 7 different wooden plaques after the DYM activity in the following categories:

  • Most stations contacted (CW)
    First to contact the most unique active YOTA stations in CW mode within the award program
  • Most stations contacted (SSB)
    First to contact the most unique active YOTA stations in SSB mode within the award program
  • Most stations contacted (DIGITAL)
    First to contact the most unique active YOTA stations in DIGITAL modes within the award program
  • Most stations contacted
    First to contact the most unique active YOTA stations overall within the award program
  • Best overall score OM
    Best overall achieved award score by an OM
  • Best overall score YL
    Best overall achieved award score by a YL
  • Best overall score Youngster
    Best overall achieved award score by a Youngster (< 26)

Only one plaque will be awarded per entry.
A station winning a plaque will not be considered for a sub-area award; the plaque will be awarded to the runner-up in that area.

If you are the station who contacted the most stations overall, you cannot be considered for most stations contacted (CW, SSB, DIGITAL) as well as best overall scores anymore.
This applies to all categories.

The DYM team will announce the winners based on the award calculation on the YOTA Social Media Channels as well as contact them via their email address (as on after January 20th 2022.  If there is no response by the winning ham within 7 days after the announcement, we will shift the plaque to the runner-up in that area due to missing shipping details.



Station Coordinator

Please contact Bryant (KG5HVO) or Kees (W0AAE) for all questions regarding K8Y, K8O, K8T, and K8A and coordinating efforts across North, Central, and South America. WE ARE STILL LOOKING FOR OPERATORS IN THE USA.  Contact Bryant or Kees to sign up for a shift!

General Event Organization

For all general questions NOT related to awards, QSL or the logbook of this callsign, please contact us at Note that this is a general email address for all participating special event stations!


Past December YOTA Months: