While we need plenty of volunteers for setup, upkeep, and tear down of the camp, we do have some requirements that we must follow for liability and safety reasons.



If you want to help, please spread the word about the camp and the fund raising campaign.  That is the best way you can help.  Also, look for us on the air, and give the kids a call.  We need pileups!!!


Before and After the Week of Camp and After Hours

Volunteers are needed to help with food distribution, clean up, setup of tables and chairs, setup of antennas, and resource material distribution.   Ham radio experience is not needed with the exception of the antenna work and station setup prior to the camp. Therefore, we are looking for volunteers that are local that do not require housing, mostly from surrounding amateur radio clubs and their families.  We do not expect people to travel long distances to volunteer for these kinds of positions.

We're glad so many people are offering to travel to help, but we really don't have the capacity and financial resources to support everyone who wants to show up.

Background checks and youth protection training will not be required, as campers will not be present during these times.

If you are in the local area and are willing to help in the ways we've mentioned, please contact us at volunteer@youthontheair.org, and we will add you to the email list to be notified about volunteer opportunities as they arise.


During The Week of Camp

All workshop leaders are selected in advance.  Most, if not all, of these positions are occupied by peers (campers) and younger hams (30s and under), which is a core value of YOTA camps.

We are not looking for adult guest speakers & experts about ham radio.  Adult volunteers during the week of camp will rarely be involved in radio related assistance.

ALL volunteers that are working with campers while camp is in progress must have a background check, undergo youth protection training, and be listed on the insurance policy well in advance of the camp.  Each background check that we have to run will result in an expense to the camp.  We have a contract with a firm that will provide this service.  We will not be able to accept an unlimited amount of volunteers, nor last minute volunteers except for preparations before and after the campers arrive.  We will be relying mostly on camp staff and parents of campers that are asking to come along with their children as chaperones.

A small number of volunteers for daily clean up will be needed in the evenings when campers are not present.

If you are in the local area and are willing to help in the ways we've mentioned, please contact us at volunteer@youthontheair.org.  We'd love to hear from you.  Be sure to tell us if you are in your 30s or younger or not, and in what capacity you'd like to volunteer.


Youth Protection Training

We are thankful for our partnership with Scouts BSA for providing the online Youth Protection Training program certification course for all of our volunteers.