Audrey, KM4BUN, Jack, KM4ZIA, and a friend operating Field Day from home in 2020

KD8YVJ and KE8KLC operating CQ WPX at WC8VOA for YARC Youth Contesting Program (YCP)

KD9LSV and W9YES at Bradley University, W9JWC on the air for the North American Collegiate Championships SSB during NAQP

KD9DAB operating K9IU at Indiana University during the SSB North American Collegiate Championships

December YOTA Month Khalil Bouzemmi from Tunisia with Faith Hannah KD3Z

Youth involvement in contests and special events is increasing all the time.  Here are some on-air activities that specifically cater to young operators.  If you have a youth appropriate operating event to add to this list, please email us at  If you have a youth net, please list it on the ARRL Youth Nets page.  Since ARRL already has a central location for that information, we are just providing a link to that site below.

Summer, 2020 Only Events

Special Event Station W8Y

During the week of June 21-26, when the camp was supposed to take place, we had a special event station on the air!  Youth who were selected to attend YOTA camp 2020 will take turns operating as W8Y throughout the week from the station of their choosing.  Contact Marty, NN1C at with questions.

Field Day W8Y Remote

We also operated Field Day from a remote station provided by Jay, K4ZLE. If you have questions, contact Chris KD8YVJ, at

Field Day Club Entry

If you choose to operate Field Day from your home station, you can add your score to a club for this year only.  Enter “Youth on the Air” as the club name on your Field Day score entry.  This is for ALL hams who are age 25 and younger.

Interested in Starting a School Club?

Be sure to check out episode 25 of Ham Talk Live!  Also, ARRL has School Station Grants to provide your school with a complete setup.  Check out the Education and Technology Program on their web site.

Interested in School Club Roundup?

Check out episode 34 of Ham Talk Live!